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Good morning Year 3,

Wow this week seems to be whizzing by. We miss you all and hope you are all having fun at home.

Mums, Dads and Carers don't forget we have updated our  'Online Safety while on school closures' page in our working from home section. There are new activities and there will be new activities added every two weeks. There is a handy guide for parents and useful websites if you are worried about online safety or need to report anything concerning. It's worth taking a look.

Please find below today's activities. Remember you can record your activities straight into your green exercise book unless you prefer to print. 

Today's tasks are:

- Reading - Character wishes. You can use the same favourite book as you used yesterday or choose another book you really like.

- Maths - Mathletics tasks on fractions

- History - What happened to the ancient Egyptians? - Looking at artefacts. For this task there is a videos to watch and an interactive activity. Please find the link here: You will be creating your own Egyptian timeline. It can be recorded in your exercise book or print the activity sheet. 

- Extra - Colour an Egyptian battle scene or you could cut it out to create your own or draw your own yourself.

Have a good day,

Mrs Lane and Miss Faulkner