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Good morning Year 3,

We hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying this extra time at home.

Well done for completing your first full week of learning at home! Don't forget to have lots of fun while you are at home it doesn't have to be all school learning. This is a great time to learn something new like cooking, gardening, painting or even cleaning.

We have lots to exciting activities planned this week starting with a Kahoot! We have set a Kahoot challenge that will run for the whole week so you can join in at any time. This is an optional task but its lots of fun. To join in just click on the challenge below, follow the link and add the pin. We have also added the link to right. If you would like to play your own kahoots at home (not just the challenges set by us) you can sign up for free. It can help with your learning or you can play with your family just for fun.  We have added the link to the right as well.

If you would like to send us a letter/email we would love to hear about your wonderful learning. Please use the email below. Unless we have specifically asked you to do so, there is no need for you to email your work to us. At the moment we are unable to reply to the Year 3 emails but we are working on resolving this.

Please find below today's activities. Remember you can record your activities straight into your green exercise book unless you prefer to print. 

Today's tasks are:

- Reading comprehension on The Stone Age

- Maths on right angles at home. There is a right angle eating monster you could use to help you if you wish.

- Art - Observation drawing. There are some top tips and and an extra patterns activity to do only if you want to.

- EXTRA - This is optional - Kahoot challenge which will run all week.

Have a good day,

Mrs Lane and Miss Faulkner