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~ W.B. 15.06.20

Hello Year 1! 

Well done for completing another week of home learning. We are so proud of all the effort and hard work that you are putting in! Congratulations for being such superstars! 

Here is an overview of our learning for next week- we will be continuing with work based on the story of Billy’s Bucket and money, in Maths.


We will be focusing on the story book Billy's Bucket. Story read aloud -

Monday - today you will need to re-read the story of Billy’s Bucket and answer the comprehension questions based on the story!

*Remember comprehension means- to understand the text.*

Tuesday - using the word bank provided and the bucket template with lines, today you will need to write in full sentences about some of the things Billy sees in his bucket. For example, Billy can see a rock pool and crabs and seaweed in his bucket or Billy can see a shark in his bucket.

Wednesday - with the worksheet provided you will need to sequence the pictures in the right order representing the beginning, middle and end of the story. You will also need to make brief notes under each picture to form a plan for your story writing on Friday. For example:

          Beginning                                                                Middle                                                  End                 

Billy, birthday, bucket, ‘Buckets R Us’     sharks, mermaids, don’t use my bucket    whale, shoe horn.          

Thursday - sometimes it’s exciting to change different parts of a story using your imagination or to add a twist and make it your own. Using the same planning template as yesterday, you will need to keep the beginning  the same (there is a picture for you to use) use your imagination to change the middle and end of the story (draw your own pictures). For example:

              Beginning                                                     Middle (change story setting)                         End

Billy, birthday, bucket, ‘Buckets R us’              space, Astranoughts, Aliens                  Float off to Mars.

Friday - today it’s your chance to re-write the story of Billy’s Bucket but with a twist. Using your plan from yesterday, you will need to change the setting in Billy’s bucket from sea life to whatever you have imagined and you will also have the opportunity to think of an alternative ending

e.g. Billy, his bucket and his family all ended up on Mars. They lived next door to a bright purple, 4 headed Alien! (Remember to use adjectives in your writing).


In maths we will continue to cover money.

Monday - using the pricelist of the toys in the toy shop, you will need to pretend to buy some of these items. You will need to calculate how much you are going to spend, for example:

Dolly – 5p                            5p + 10p + 15p =

Truck – 10p

Rocking horse – 15p

Tuesday- today you will need to look at the coins at the top of your worksheet and make the totals using different combinations. Remember you’re not counting the number of coins, you need to look carefully at their value.

Wednesday - today’s learning is based on money addition. If you choose the Silver or Gold challenge you will need to read the worded problems to calculate the answer. 

Thursday - you will need to ues your knowledge of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s in today’s learning. Miss Paulsen has been saving lots of money in her money jars but she doesn’t know how much she has got! She needs you to count and work out the totals. *Remember to be speedy counters*.

Friday -  *Note for parents - today’s learning is carried out by teachers as a form of assessment. If you’re feeling brave why not see what your child is able to do independently?*


We are focusing on different phase 5 sounds and tricky words each day. Use the free log in for Phonics Play to access more games. 

Username: March20 

Password: home

Monday – 

phonics sounds - ue / ew     

tricky words - today / she / so

Tuesday - 

phonics sounds - oe / ey

tricky words – school / of / house  

Wednesday - 

phonics sounds – a-e / e-e

tricky words – put / was / is / has / his  

Thursday - 

phonics sounds – i-e / o-e

tricky words - said / no / my / our

Friday - 

phonics sounds – u-e / u-e

tricky words - push / pull / says

Topic- Geography:

We will be focusing on weather in Geography this week. The lessons are about identifying weather patterns typical to the UK and you will need to compare them to other countries with different weather conditions. You will have the opportunity to look at things that we associate with different weather patterns.

TT Rockstars

Continue playing at home! 

Extra Activities

We are learning Makaton this week. We are learning it for this song.