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Week beginning - 8th June 2020



This week we are going to make an exciting discovery in the woodland. A dinosaur has left an egg! If you would like to make your very own dinosaur egg at home, follow this link to a recipe.

We are then going to discuss our findings with the children and encourage them to think of questions.

How did the egg get there?

What type of dinosaur left it?

Where do we think the dinosaur might be now?



We are going to be exploring subtraction this week. Use some objects to represent eggs such as pebbles or stones. Count out some dinosaur eggs with your child and use a small world object such as a toy dinosaur or Lego person to take some away. How many are left? It’s also a good idea for your child to practise using their fingers to count backwards. At school we discuss what the number sentence would look like and write it.


How many eggs do we have?

How many eggs have been taken away?

Which number is one less than?

Let’s count backwards from…

How can you write that on your paper? E.g. 5-3=2



This week we are focusing on looking for digraphs within words. We are focusing on the following sounds. For example, s-oi-l.

Recap ‘oi’

Read - Soil, coil, foil, coin       

Write the sentence - Flip the coin in the air.


 Recap ‘ar’

 Read - park, sharp, farm        

 Write the sentence - We had so much fun at the farm.


 Recap ‘oa’

 Read - foam, coat, float, goat

 Write the sentence - The goat was on the hill.


Recap ‘er’

Read – digger, herb, term, louder

Write the sentence – The digger is lifting the soil.



We will be reading as much as we can – practising our blending.

We will also be reading dinosaur stories.