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Week beginning - 22nd June 2020

This week  is Sports Week!


Make an ‘I can do’ book of physical activities that each child can physically do. Your child can use photos taken of themselves to stick in their book. If this is not possible, encourage children to draw themselves doing physical activities such as running, skipping, jumping, squatting, and lunging. Use the physical activity cards uploaded below for some more ideas. Write sentences such as ‘I can skip’ or “I like skipping”. Write a sentence about why it is important for our bodies to eat healthy food and exercise.

You could also write an exercise routine, such as:

10 jumps

5 star jumps

5 push-ups etc.


This week we are continuing to recap previously learnt tricky words. Tricky words are words that you can’t use your sounds to sound out the whole word. Please encourage your child to use the letter names to support the spelling of these words, e.g. “t- h-e spells the”. We use our finger to point to each letter and then swipe our finger across and say the word.

Recap - like, so, come & they

Practise reading and writing these tricky words.

Can you say a sentence using each tricky word? Have a go at writing the sentence. Don’t forget your finger spaces between each word.


We will be reading as much as we can – practising our blending.

We will also be reading stories based on keeping healthy and active.


Use these questions to support your child’s maths skills whilst being active!  You will need a timer and some large numbers written down on paper.  You may also need some physical resources for some of the questions such as pasta, marbles, buttons or cubes etc. These are to represent the number of exercises your child has done, to help them find the answers.

How many jumps can you do in a minute?

What is 7 hops plus 4 hops?

How many star jumps can you do in 20 seconds?

Which is a longer time? 20 or 60 seconds?

Can you run round the garden/open space 2 times? How long did it take?

What is 1 more than 11 star jumps?

Can you jump on number 12? What is 1 more than 12?

If you jump on number 5 and take away 1 – how many is that?

Jump on number 10 – what is 1 less than 10?

Can you bounce a ball on number 8 and number 4? What is 8 plus 4?

Can you do 7 squats? Can you do another 3? How many squats did you do altogether?

How many small steps does it take to land on number 8? How many big steps does it take? How many steps altogether?