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Week beginning - 15th June 2020


What’s funnier than pants? Dinosaurs in pants!

This week we are reading the story Dinosaurs Love Underpants. If you do not have this story at home, follow this link.

Ask your child to design their very own pair of pants for a dinosaur! Draw them and then encourage your child to use their phonics to write some describing words (adjectives). For example, stripy, spotty, red, big, rainbow, colourful etc…

Questions to discuss:

What pair of pants is your favourite in the story?

What patterns are you going to use?

Can you sound out the first word in that sentence?

How do you spell that tricky word?

What sound/digraph (2 letter sound e.g. ee, ai, ar) do you need to write?


For an extra challenge write a sentence about why your dinosaur will like the pants you have designed. For example, ‘My dinosaur will love these pants because they have stars on”. Your child may need support with words such as ‘dinosaur’ and ‘because’. Remember to encourage them to spell tricky words and sound out the other words they need.



We are going to be using shapes to make repeated patterns this week. See an example uploaded below. Encourage your child to use or draw 2D shapes to make repeated patterns. Ask questions to support learning such as:

What shapes have you used?

What can you tell me about the pattern?

What would come next in the pattern?



This week we are recapping previously learnt tricky words. Tricky words are words that you can’t use your sounds to sound out the whole word. Please encourage your child to use the letter names to support the spelling of these words, e.g. “t- h-e spells the”. We use our finger to point to each letter and then swipe our finger across and say the word.

Recap all, are, she & you

Practise reading and writing these tricky words.

Can you say a sentence using each tricky word? Have a go at writing the sentence. Don’t forget your finger spaces between each word.


We will be reading as much as we can – practising our blending and recognising tricky words.

We will also be reading dinosaur stories.