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Week Beginning 30.3.2020

Hello Year 4!

Hope everyone is staying safe! Please have a look in this week's folder for the work this week. As per the week before, there will be Maths, Reading and a Writing activity each day for you to complete, along with a personal message with a bonus challenge!

Again, we reiterate the point that how much you complete is up to you (parents). We appreciate this is a difficult time for you all so remember there is access to TT Rock Stars, Mathletics and various other websites which you can go on (some links provided on the previous page). Do not make this anymore stressful than it has to be!

It would also be brilliant to be sent any pictures of anyone completing any of the physical challenges which are recommended in the keep active page using the year4@langshott email address. This is not compulsory, just something for those that would like to do something different. 

Miss Watts and Mr Groves