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Week Beginning - 23rd March 2020

Hello Emeralds and Sapphires!

Here are our activities for the first week of working from home.


This week we are going to be practising our letter formation.  You will be able to find our cursive letter formation sheets for one-armed robots, ladder letters, zig zag monsters and curly caterpillar letters below. Don't forget to start each letter on the line, remembering your whoosh in and your flick out.  You can practise this writing in your blue working from home book you were given last week. You could also use your home learning folder to help you.


This week we are learning about repeating patterns. Our book to support our learning is ' Press Here ' by Herve Tullet.

Read/watch  ‘Press here’. Here is a link to the book on youtube

Throughout the book/video allow your child the time to make predictions during the book.  Encourage your child to clarify their thinking ‘why do you think that?'

When the pattern part arrives at 2 minutes 30 seconds on the video, ask if your child notices anything special about the coloured dots? Discuss the pattern , what is happening? What colour would come next? What is a repeating pattern?

Two pages later, two of the dots have changed,  can your child find which ones? What has happened?

Talk about how you can have patterns in lots of different ways, perhaps you could make a repeating pattern at home? You could use duplo/lego bricks, paint, colouring pencils. You could even make a repeating pattern with nature,  for example,  leaf,  daisy, leaf , daisy etc.

If you wish, you could use some of the resources below to further help you with repeating pattern.


Our topic this term is superheros, our current story is  Supertato. In the story Supertato saves the day by defeating the Evil Pea! Ask your child to tell you about the story. For our writing activity this week we are going to draw our own fruit or vegetable superhero. We can think about what super powers our superhero will have and write about it. This could be in the form of captions and labels such as, fast, fly, strong etc. You may even like to write a sentence or story about your superhero and how they save the day.

Here is a link for the story Supertato

At school the children are encouraged to be as independent as possible. One of the ways the children show this is to use a sound mat to support them with their writing. Please see a copy of the sound mat below which your child will be very familiar with.