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Week Beginning - 1st June 2020


This week we will begin our dinosaur topic.

Can you draw your favourite dinosaur and label its body parts using words such as tail, legs, horns, spikes. We will also be writing a sentence about our favourite dinosaurs, e.g. I like the T – Rex because it has sharp teeth and eats meat. 



This week we will be looking back and recapping the sounds we have learnt so far. You can use your Home Learning Folders to help.

We will also look at tricky words you, was, my and are. We will write the words and sentences with the tricky words in.



This week we will be looking at sharing. We will be learning how to share a group of objects out equally into two groups. You could extend this by sharing between three and four groups too, making sure each is equal.



We will be reading as much as we can – practising our blending.

We will also be reading dinosaur stories.