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W.B. 18.05.20 PIRATE WEEK

Arrrrrgggghhhhh… Happy pirate week me hearties! This week we have got a variety of fun activities for you. On the tabs to the right, you will see different subjects listed. When you click on these tabs, you will find all of the activities relating to that subject inside.

Throughout the week, we would like your child to lead the learning, giving them the decision of what challenges they wish to do. This means that there are no set activities for each day and as long as you complete the challenges by the end of the week, that’s great! To help you keep track of this, we have provided you with a tick list of all of the learning that is available for the children (located below this video). We hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy your pirate learning!

It’s a shame that we couldn’t all be together for it, so please send us some pictures of all of the lovely things you get up to this week! If you have any fantastic or creative ideas that you want to do and that we haven’t thought of, then even better!

Before you get on with your learning, make sure you read the ‘message from your teachers’ and then look at the PowerPoint called ‘All About Pirates’.