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In English today you are going to be writing a plan about the best day of your Easter Holiday, tomorrow you will be writing it up so make sure the plan is nicely detailed enough to support you tomorrow. Use the powerpoint to help you.



In Phonics today you will be focussing on the ‘ey’ sound. What other ways can you make this sound?



In Maths today we are carrying on with addition but this time using tens and units to help us add bigger numbers. The children know these as skinny beans (one ten) and juicy peas (one unit or one). There is a bronze, silver and gold challenge. We recommend all children start with the bronze first and then move onto the next challenge if they are ready.

Worksheets can either be printed out or the question and answer drawn and written straight into their book. We encourage the children to draw a ten (skinny bean) as a straight line roughly 2 squares long and a juicy pea as a small circle.

Remember to add the tens up first and then the units.


Quick revision when using tens and units (also known as base ten):



In Science you are going to look at both of the powerpoints uploaded, talk about the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees. Then you are going to go through the next powerpoint called ‘Terrific Trees’ which will tell you all about the tree hunt activity you are going to be doing today if possible!