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Physical Education

At Langshott Primary School, PE is a hugely important part of our curriculum. According to a recent survey (June 2016), over 90% of children stated that they enjoy their PE lessons and 90% of children said that their PE lessons help them to improve their co-ordination and overall sporting performance. One child from year 3 was quoted as saying “I like my PE lessons because they are fun, they keep me fit and teach me to work as part of a team”. At Langshott we recognise sport as being a crucial link to the enhancement of brain function, as well as promoting a fit and physical lifestyle and a healthy sense of competition. We aim to provide as wider variety of sporting experiences for all children as possible and are willing to go the extra mile to fulfil this vision. An example of this comes from a parent questionnaire in which one parent has been quoted as saying “I am impressed with the support given by the school allowing extra running sessions for my child to take part in the Reigate Half Marathon Event”  To see children involved in sport and having fun is our greatest pleasure.

In July 2016, Langshott Primary School were awarded the Sainbury’s Bronze Kite Mark Award in recognition of our commitment to developing sporting competition across the school. This award also presents excellent opportunities for our children to become sports reporters, sports leaders and sports officials in the future.

Reflecting upon the responses from the recent parent and child PE questionnaire, as well as our own thoughts, we have mapped out a new action plan for the academic year 2018-19. This action plan is specifically designed to improve the fitness levels and sporting stamina of children throughout the school (please see the PE provision plan below for more information).

We have also attached our Sports Premium Funding table, to show how we are spending our sports premium budget. The current funding supports us to achieve our whole school vision of providing the highest quality of education for all pupils.


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 Mrs Harvey