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Our Staff

The Leadership Team

  • Mrs S Mackintosh


  • Mrs G Langdale

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs B McLaughlin

    School Business Manager

  • Miss N Booker

    Assistant Teacher

Faculty Leadership Team

  • Mr A Thompson

    Early Years & Global Understanding Lead

  • Mr G Smallman

    STEM Leader

  • Mrs H Mehta


  • Miss K Wesson

    English & Creative Arts Lead

  • Mr J Groves

    Health, Well-Being & Community Lead

Early Years Team

  • Mr A Thompson

    Emerald Class Teacher

  • Miss B Woods

    Sapphire Class Teacher

  • Miss C Samels

    Emerald Class Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Butler

    Sapphire Class Teaching Assistant

  • Miss H Page

    Reception Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

  • Mrs L Felstead

    Topaz Class Teacher

  • Mrs D Patel

    Topaz Class Teacher

  • Miss J Paulsen

    Ruby Class Teacher

  • Miss A Donnelly

    Topaz Class Teaching Assistant

  • Miss R Ray

    Ruby Class Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

  • Mrs R White

    Onyx Class Teacher

  • Mrs A Welham

    Diamond Class Teacher

  • Mrs J Dedja

    Onyx Class Teaching Assistant

  • Miss E McCarthy

    Diamond Class Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

  • Miss S Faulkner

    Opal Class Teacher

  • Miss S Buchan

    Amber Class Teacher

  • Mrs D Derham

    Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

  • Mr J Groves

    Quartz Class Teacher

  • Miss N Booker

    Amethyst Class Teacher

  • Mrs W Buckingham

    Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

  • Miss K Wesson

    Peridot Class Teacher

  • Miss R Miah

    Jade Class Teacher

  • Mrs C Crandon

    Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

  • Mr G Smallman

    Pearl Class Teacher

  • Mrs S Khan

    Jet Class Teacher

  • Miss S Jordan

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant

1:1 Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs M Davies

  • Mrs A Smith

  • Mrs M Dawes

  • Mrs L Lewis

  • Mrs T Killick

  • Mrs T Nagpal

  • Mrs S Reed

PPA Teaching Staff & Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs S Forster

  • Miss M Blanco

  • Mrs A Shevel

Administration & Premises Team

  • Mrs B McLaughlin

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs L Ashby

    Office Administrator

  • Mrs A Hall

    Office Administrator

  • Mrs N Dunk

    Office Administrator

  • Mr N Woodward

    Premises Manager