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Online Safety

Langshott Primary School and Parents - working together to keep children safe online

Internet safety is always a high priority at Langshott Primary School. Lessons are taught in every year group explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe when using the internet and working with technology.

Every term, we hold a 'Children and Technology' meeting to share information with families about how to stay safe online.  Below there are some guides and links on how you can support your children at home.


  • To form a shared understanding of how to keep children safe online
  • To share information about technology and how it used
  • To minimise online incidents
  • To help parents to make an informed decision about how to use technology outside of school


Building Digital Resilience

Information for parents about apps and social networks

The Breck Foundation

Ways to keep your child safe online

  • No underage social media accounts
  • Check privacy settings
  • Use filtering software
  • Create ground rules (one rule should be mum/dad can look at the phone when they wish)
  • Get to know their online habits
  • Do not use devices in bedrooms at night
  • Teach children to avoid pop-ups
  • Monitor pictures they post online
  • Limit screen time (max. 1-2 hours per day)
  • Talk about online reputations
  • Talk about online dangers
  • Be a good example of how to use tech


Use parental controls on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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