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Happy Monday Year 1, these are your activities for today. Please remember that these are incredibly tricky times and whatever you manage to get done with your children is enough! 


Daily Fun Facts:

Every morning we will be sending you a daily ‘Fun Fact’ via Marvellous Me to make you smile. Some are very silly, others are amazing! Why not use these daily facts to make a fun quiz each week to share with your family? Or you could research your own ‘fun facts’ and make your own fact book to share with us when you return to school. Watch out for the first fun fact sent via MM soon. Enjoy!



For English, we are going to be using the fantastic resources from the BBC Bitesize website. All you have to do is click this link and it will take you to their website. On here you will follow the step by step guide to the lesson. Today you will be looking at letter formation and then how to use alliteration. You will need your exercise book / paper and also make sure you watch the videos!



Watch these Youtube videos to make sure that you are pronouncing the Phase 5 sounds correctly!


Then watched these tricky word videos and sing along!



Attached you will find handwriting guidelines for your child to practise their best letter formation, using Langshott script. Please make sure the main body of font starts in the pink section of the handwriting sheet. The ascender of the letter ‘d’ for example goes upwards to the blue dashed top line and the descender of the letter ‘g’ for example goes downwards to the bottom blue dashed line. We will not set words for handwriting as these should be personalised for your child. It would be great if you could ask your child to practise the words that they were unfamiliar with from the Year 1 / 2 Common Exception Words and combine this handwriting task with the spelling task below.



Test your child on the spellings they’ve been practising. Continue to practise these spellings at home until your child has learnt them! Use the tips and tricks for how to help your children learn to spell words. When they are confident with the spellings, you can then move onto different words. Today might be a good day to begin new spellings as it’s a new week!



This week we will be using the White Rose website for our maths learning today. Please click on this link and it will take you to the website.

Click on the sub-heading Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 4th May). Navigate to Lesson 1. You will then need to watch the video and get the activity. The answers are available too!



In music today we are going to be looking at warming up our voices and doing some singing! Use this link to get onto BBC Bitesize to watch the videos!