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Good morning! Below is a description of what tasks you'll be getting up to this morning. Make sure you get out in the lovely sunshine at some point today! And if you haven't done the Joe Wicks yet then I would recommend doing it later on. Have a lovely day Ruby and Topaz, we miss you so much.


In English today we are recapping past tense words which will help you for the next two days of learning. We will be using the suffix ‘-ed’ which we have learnt before. Please watch this video . Then carry out the work sheet where you make a word past tense by adding ‘-ed’. You have a bronze, silver and gold challenge to choose from.



In Phonics today you will be focussing on the ‘ew’ sound. How else can you make this sound?



In Maths today we are recapping some of our number bonds to 10, 20 and if you want to really challenge yourself – to 100! You can either print these worksheets off or write the answer and question in your book.


For the Bronze and Silver challenge you could use cubes (smarties or counters) to help you find the missing number. Remember to start with the number of cubes which reflects the whole number (e.g. 20) then take one part away (e.g. 9) and count how many you have left (e.g. 11).

For the Gold challenge you could use a hundred square.


Number Bonds to 10 Song:


Number Bonds to 20 Song: