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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Langshott Primary School have chosen to teach Spanish due to its phonetic nature. We liaised with local secondary school MFL departments and parents when making this decision. We follow the MFL at KS2 program of study. 

Spanish is taught by Miss Blanco in Year 3, 4 , 5 and 6. 

Spanish Ambassadors

As a school, we are keen to speak Spanish every day. We try to encourage children and adults to use their language skills in a range of activities including taking the register, writing dates and learning a word of the week. We have now introduced our Spanish Ambassadors, children who encourage the rest of the cl ass to become involved and regularly use their language skills. Each class in KS2 has a nominated Language Ambassador to help La Señorita Blanco during Spanish lessons and to promote and celebrate Spanish around the school. Every Monday morning during Assembly the Spanish Ambassadors teach the rest of KS2 children the word of the week. The Spanish Ambassadors encourage children in their classes and select one child every week to reward them with a sticker and a Marvellous Me for making an extra effort in speaking Spanish around the school. This initiative has been very well received by students and teachers alike. Fantástico!