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Mobile Phones

At Langshott Primary School we firmly believe that a child of primary age does not require access and use of a mobile phone, particularly one with internet availability. However, we do recognise that in some circumstances parents may wish their child to bring one to school.

If a parent feels it is genuinely necessary for their child to bring a mobile phone to school, then they must seek permission from the Headteacher to have that phone in school. For permission to be granted a parent/carer must:

  • Attend a ‘Children and Technology’ meeting.
  • Complete the permission application form provided at the ‘Children and Technology’ meeting and return it into school for approval. No devices should be sent into school until approval has been provided.
  • Recognise and meet the following expectations:
    • The school does NOT accept any responsibility for mobile phones brought onto the premises and they are brought entirely at the owner’s risk.
    • The mobile phone must be:
  1. Named
  2. Switched off when on school premises (including the playground and access areas)
  3. Given to and stored with the Class Teacher
  4. Monitored regularly by a parent or carer (Cyber-bullying is a serious matter with damaging outcomes. Regular monitoring of children’s use of mobile devices by parents/carers is a proven and highly effective strategy in the prevention of this form of bullying).
  • The Headteacher or staff under the direction of the Headteacher will undertake regular monitoring checks to ensure children are using their phones safely and in line with expectations.

Parents should also consider that a child carrying and using a mobile device may:

  • Attract unwanted attention by other members of the public
  • Be distracted and compromise their road safety
  • Be vulnerable to cyber bullying

Should any of the above expectations not be met, the phone will be withheld by the school until such time as a parent/carer comes to collect it and may result in the loss of this privilege entirely.