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Home Learning

Home Learning

Your child will be learning up to four new letter sounds or 'tricky words' each week at School. This will not always be the case, some weeks we may learn fewer or have consolidation weeks where no new sounds will be learnt.

On a Friday we will send home your child’s Home Learning Folder with all the new sounds or tricky words we have learnt that week. We ask that you practise the sounds at home with your child, learning the actions which accompany each one. Your child may like to ‘be the teacher’ and teach you what they have been learning! Please encourage your child to think of words which begin with the sounds learnt and even have a go at writing some words or sentences when they are more confident.

We would also like your child to practise writing each letter, following the cursive script examples.

We will collect the Home Learning Folder in on a Tuesday, sending them back home again with your child on the Friday. If we haven’t learnt any new sounds in a week we will still send the folders home for your child to practise and consolidate their learning.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Early Years Team.