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Governors Roles and Responsibilities


All Governors attend three Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings each term. The focus of these meetings are:

1) POQT - Pupil Outcomes & Quality of Teaching. 

2) Financial Efficiency. 

3) Strategic Delevopment & Academisation.

The Governing Body sets the direction and focus for each of the above work streams at the start of each term, and a designated Governor reports on progress during subsequent FGB meetings.

Statutory Responsibilities

The following Governors hold the following posts for the academic year 2020/2021:

Chair - Andy Yule

Vice-Chair - Carey-Ann Dodah

Child Protection, Safeguarding  & Looked After Children - Kate Hayes

Governor responsible for liaising with the Local Authority in the event of an allegation (child protection) against the Head Teacher - Andy Yule

Pay Committee - Andy Yule, Carey-Ann Dodah,  Alexandra Carter

Head Teacher Appraisal Committee - Andy Yule, Alexandra Carter, XXX