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Woohooo! It is the last day of the week. Well done for making it Year 1. Today your learning looks like this. Make sure you get in some exercise today whether that be a walk, run, football in the garden or even a Joe Wicks workout! Have a fun day and a lovely weekend x


For English, we are going to be using the fantastic resources from the BBC Bitesize website. All you have to do is click this link and it will take you to their website. On here you will follow the step by step guide to the lesson. Today it will be all about reading. You will need your exercise book / paper and also make sure you watch the videos!



Attached on the website are two documents that have sentences in and they focus on the ‘ue’ and ‘ew’ sounds. These sounds are interesting because they make either an ‘oo’ or ‘yoo’ sound. Sound it out one way and if it doesn’t sound right then you need to try the other way. We talk about this all the time in school so it is important to discuss with them at home. Please read through the sentences and highlight any words that have these digraphs in. Once you have done this, please practise the spelling of the tricky words – write them each 5 times so it helps you to remember!



Test your child on the spellings they practised yesterday. Continue to practise these spellings at home until your child has learnt them! Use the tips and tricks for how to help your children learn to spell words. When they are confident with the spellings, you can then move onto different words.



We hope you enjoyed the White Rose website for our maths learning yesterday. Please click on this link and it will take you to the website.

Click on the sub-heading Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April). Navigate to Lesson 5. You will then need to watch the video and get the activity. The answers are available too!



Today you are going to be sequencing the growth of a fruit plant. Think about the order the pictures go in (you will need to cut them out). This also has the answers in so make sure to double check before you stick. If you want to use the answer sheet as a teaching prompt them please do. Then you can test the children to see if they remember the order they go in. It is a good idea to ask them at the end of the day to see if they can still remember the order too!