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Curriculum Intent

At Langshott Primary School our vision is to create a school which encourages its children to be successful learners (LEARNING); confident individuals (PRIDE); and to achieve personal empowerment (SUCCESS).

The building blocks of learning, which make up LANGSHOTT are the foundations on which our curriculum is built. Our aim is that these elements run through every lesson, experience and opportunity:

Learning – building knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Achievement – being successful through effort, skill and courage.

Nurturing – helping and encouraging personal development and relationships.

Global Citizens – building an awareness and understanding of the world.

Subject Knowledge – acquiring facts, information and skills through experience.

High Standards – achieving a high level of quality and attainment.

Opportunities – creating occasions or situations that make it possible to experience memorable moments.

Transferable Skills – cultivating skills that can be applied in a range of contexts.

Tenacity – persisting with determination.


To see Subject Curriculum Maps, please go to the Curriculum Faculties Tab and find each subject under their Faculties. 

If you wish to find obit more about our Curriculum, please contact the office and ask to speak to the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher (Curriculum) or individual Subjects Leads.