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Good morning, 

It's Wellbeing Wednesday so make sure you take some time today and focus on doing something that makes you feel good - finding a quiet spot for some reading is our activity of choice to make us feel happy!

Today's tasks:

Maths - Today's task is converting between metric units of measure. You will need to use your knowledge of multiplying and dividing between 10 / 100 / 1000 to be able to convert between units of measure, if you need any help with this please see the visual guide which you can find on Monday's page.

English - Continue to work through your Wishgranter story, today you should be onto 'plot point 3'

Reading - For today’s reading task, we would like you to choose 2 or 3 questions that you found tricky from the ‘Fact Sheet About Bumblebees’ reading comprehension task. We would like you to work back through these questions to ensure you understand and once you have done this we would like you to make a guide on how to answer these questions which is intended to help someone else. Please see the task below for an example.

Science – Continue to work through the activities on Monday's page.