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Happy Well Being Wednesday Year 3,

We hope you are all keeping safe.  As its wellbeing Wednesday we would like you try to do something for someone else. It could be something small or big to make their day a little bit brighter which will help their wellbeing as well as yours. It could be asking someone how they are, telling someone that you love them, drawing them a picture or offering to help out at home like tidying up. 

 Please find below today's activities. Remember you can record your activities straight into your exercise book unless you prefer to print. 

Today's tasks are:

- Reading - No reading today to give you longer for your writing task.

- Maths - Multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.                                                                                                      Please click here for the video You will need to click on the + sign for Week Four . Click lesson Two                                                                                                                                                    Please click here for BBC Bitesize website  

- English - Publishing you final piece

- Extra - This is extra - To do something nice for someone else for their own wellbeing. Don't forget you can complete the Mathletics tasks and play our Kahoot quizzes  (Please see Monday)

Have a good day,

Mrs Lane and Miss Faulkner