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Hello Wednesday,

The half way marker!  Did you enjoy Skellig yesterday??  I wonder what your predictions were.

Hopefully you are feeling more and more confident with long multiplication and division.  Don't forget to go on the TTRS battle and add to the total score for your class.  This is all helpful for getting you ready for secondary school in September.

Is there an opportunity for you to get outside and do some exercise today?  Remember, your physical health is just as important as everything else you are doing.

Today, in reading, we are focusing on summarising skills and spending a bit of time looking a bit more carefully at the text so that we can be fully prepared to answer questions on it next week.  Can you have a go at summarising the text?

For writing today, we are asking you to get in role as Michael from the story and write an email back to his old school friend.  Have a look at the email that he received and then think about how Michael would be feeling and what he might say back.  As this is an email to a friend, you can keep the tone quite informal.  Obviously the actual writing (spelling, sentence structure and punctuation) still needs to be of a high standard.  Please send us your writing so we can have a read.

Good luck with your learning today,

Mr Smallman, Miss Booker and Mrs Bartolo.