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Good morning Year 3, 

We hope you had fun exploring shadows yesterday. If you didn't get a chance to do this you could have a go any day this week as long as the sun is shining for us. 

Fun Fact for the day - Your heart is about the same size as your fist!

Please find below today's activities. Remember you can record your activities straight into your exercise book unless you prefer to print. 

Today's tasks are:

English - today you will be reading information pages about Egyptian Pharaohs and finding out the meaning of words you are unsure about

Maths - equivalent lengths (cm and m) 

Reading - inferring meaning from a picture

EXTRA - if the sun is shining and you have access to outside space you could investigate shadows. You can play our Kahoot quizzes (See Monday). You can also take part in your TT RockStars battle, Opal you are battling Topaz and Amber you are battling Amethyst. 

Have a great day,

The Year 3 team