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Good morning everyone,

We hope you are feeling rested and ready for another week of 'working from home'.  You are doing so well with this; we are very impressed.

You will see that we are beginning to think about preparing for Year 6 Leavers' celebrations now.  This morning, we are setting you the challenge to change the lyrics to the song, 'Hall of Fame' so that it reflects you and your Year 6 journey.  Please have a go at this activity and send in your ideas so that we can include them with the ideas of the children in school too.

Today marks the final day of working on the text, 'Bumblebees' so there is a final question for you to have a go at.  How have you got on with this text? Do you find it easier to answer questions about fiction or non-fiction texts?

We are finishing off the day with time to continue working on your scrapbook.  I have attached the information about this again for you as a reminder.  Think about how you can be creative with the presentation of your ideas.  There is a link here to a youtube clip which gives some suggestions for this if you wish to look at it.

Have a lovely Monday,

Mr Smallman, Miss Booker and Mrs Bartolo