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Happy Tuesday,

How did you get on with your scrapbooks yesterday? It must be lovely to take the time to think about your memories from your time at Langshott.

As you will see from our timetable, we are incorporating a daily mile into our days in order to keep up with our health and fitness.  Perhaps you could work out a safe route near you that would be about a mile to help you keep active.  

In English this week, we have decided that the children would benefit from having a bit more time with their evacuation stories as they did not manage to write their final chapters last week.  So hopefully you will also enjoy having more time to finish, edit or improve your stories.  If however you have already completed your stories to the best of your ability, perhaps you could use the time this week to publish it neatly.

In Maths again, we are going to be doing the same activities over the two days, so perhaps start with reviewing your fluency today with long division and move on to the reasoning questions tomorrow.  Remember you have your CGP guides to support you if you need some revision of the formal written method.

Good luck with your learning today and have a fabulous day,

Mr Smallman, Miss Booker and Mrs Bartolo.