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Happy Monday Year 3,

We hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

Fun Fact for the day - There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on a beach!

This week is Healthy Eating Week! As well as your daily set work, on this page, you will find lots of healthy eating challenges that you can complete throughout the week (if you wish to do so)!

We are continuing our learning on light and shadows this week and we will be finding out about the River Nile and how the Ancient Egyptians made use of this river. 

There are two more Kahoot quizzes that will run all week too. There is one about healthy eating and one recapping your learning on facts and opinions from last week. 

Don't forget you can email your learning to It is always so lovely to hear from you.

Please find below today's activities. Remember you can record your activities straight into your exercise book unless you prefer to print. 

Today's tasks are:

English - watching a short film about an adventure inside an Ancient Egyptian tomb and writing questions (later in the week you will be writing a diary entry imagining you are the main character in the film)

Maths - addition and subtraction word problems. Remember to use BRUCE to help you. We have attached a reminder of each step when using BRUCE. 

Science - learning about sun safety and designing sunglasses or a sun hat

EXTRA - Our Kahoot challenges for this week which will run the whole week and Healthy Eating week activities which will run all week.

Have a great day,

The Year 3 team