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Miercuri fericită,

How are you getting on this week?  We hope you are enjoying your tasks and getting a chance to have some fun with your families too. 

Today, it is resourcefulness.  How are you being resourceful at the moment? Are you remembering about your CGP guides, dictionaries and planners to help you with your learning and organising.  We don’t always know the answer right away, but there are resources that we can use to help us before having to ask an adult for support.

Another lateral thinking question…(the answer will be in tomorrow’s message).

What is the difference between an old, crumpled and slightly torn ten dollar bill and a new one?

What’s your TTRS score? 

What physical activity have you been doing to help keep you active and healthy?  You might remember Bike It Pat from last year’s Big Pedal; he has created his own YouTube channel with tips and skills on using a bike.  If you are interested, you can follow this link:

Enjoy your day,

Mr Smallman, Miss Booker and Mrs Bartolo