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Happy Easter,

There we go.  Easter term complete – unlike any other Easter term we have ever experienced.  Well done for completing another week working from home.  We are really proud of you all! 

Now – have you been helping out at home with the chores since you’re spending so much more time there at the moment? I wonder what you could do today to be really helpful at home.

You have your daily SPaG and Maths challenges to complete as well as working through the past SAT papers or the worksheets provided in school.  Don’t forget to look at the ‘Reading for Pleasure’ document and see if you have read any of the books already or if any of them appeal to you to have a go at over the holidays.

We hope you have a lovely Easter holidays with your family, spending some quality time together.  There is an Easter Holidays project for you to have a go at which will hopefully help with family entertainment.  It is saved in today’s page as well as in the ‘Easter Activities’ page along with some STEM activities.

Happy Easter,

Mr Smallman, Miss Booker and Mrs Bartolo