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Notice Boards and Displays

Notice Boards

We are required to display certain items of information as part of our registration, some of which are on the notice board in the main nursery room.

We display medium and short term plans of activities and learning objectives on the door of the cupboard / office, and staffing arrangements for the term are displayed on the notice board in the cloakroom.

The notice board in the cloakroom also displays a calendar for parents to note down when they would like to spend time in nursery, as well as information about the local community. You are welcome to advertise articles for sale or leave messages to other parents on this board (such as party invites, thank you letters etc).

The notice board as you enter the main room is used to display information about some activities that the children take part in and information of fundraising events.

The children's efforts are praised and supported, and in order to give them a sense of achievement their work is often displayed around the room. We also display photographs with captions which inform you of what your child is learning by taking part in a particular activity.

Some displays are used as a learning resource, such as number lines, sequencing cards, and the world map.

At the end of each session we show photographs on the computer of children taking part in activities.