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Latest News

Langshott Ladybirds Nursery is rated as overall OUTSTANDING by Ofsted ! 

The latest inspection took place on 20th May 2016. To take a look at the report please click here.

Please call 07713 622 761 or email to arrange to look around our nursery.  Alternatively, if you prefer, please complete an application  form,  available to download from our Opening Times and Term Dates section.


We have a page on Facebook! Please 'like' us to ensure your get newsfeeds etc.  Our Facebook page is a good place to find out the latest news on events at Ladybirds.

How to Find Out What Is Going On At Ladybirds

  • Our website contains useful information and news, plus up to date photos of children involved in play. 
  • We also have a Facebook page where you can find pictures of activities, reminders of events and up to date news and information about Ladybirds Nursery. (photographs containing children are not used on the facebook page).
  • We display photographs on the computer taken throughout the session, you may not see your own child, but it gives you an idea of the opportunities your child will have had throughout the week. There are also displays around the room containing photos of children at play with captions informing parents of the learning opportunities.
  • Watch out for our whiteboard in the playground to update you on up to the minute nursery news and the planning board informing you of some activities available to your child throughout the week.
  • Take the opportunity to chat with your child’s key person at the beginning of a session, it’s useful to share information about home and nursery.  We have a Wow display in nursery which celebrates ‘Wow’ moments in a child’s development both at home and nursery.
  • Ask to see your child’s record file.  Key persons keep them up to date and will arrange for you to take your child’s file home for a couple of days. A list of key persons is displayed on the door to the cupboard.
  • Some parents will have already attended consultation meetings, at these meetings you are updated on procedures, reminded of ways to find out what is going on at Ladybirds and you will also get the opportunity to share information about your child’s development at home and nursery.  If you have not already been in for a consultation, you will be invited at some time during the Autumn or Spring Term.
  • If your child has settled at Ladybirds you are very welcome to spend time with us during a session.  Please use the calendar in the cloakroom to write your name against a date and time suitable for you.  Children love to see their parents, or other people who are important to them, spend time at nursery and you will get to join in play at Ladybirds.
  • Our planning is displayed on the door to the cupboard, this is available to all, your child’s key person would be very happy to talk you through it. Information about the Early Years Foundation Stage can be found on the display on the left as you enter the cloakroom.
  • A copy of all our policies is available at all times on the table to the left of the door to the main nursery room.  Policies are kept up to date, we welcome comment and suggestions from parents and carers.

Or please contact us if you need any further help or have specific query.